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Established in 1988, Yuyao Jiangnan Printing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of paper products including cardboard and corrugated POP Displays, POS Displays, floor displays, display stands, PD...

We have a variety of advanced printing equipments imported from Germany (Manroland 905 (1260x1630mm), Manroland 706UV (740x1040mm), Manroland 705 (740x1040mm), Manroland 504(590x740mm) and KBA142 (1000x1420mm)) and equipments for prepress (CTP, sample making machine), post-press (UV coating machines...

Contact person:Echo wu (Sales Manager) Tel:0574-62501190 Mobile:0086-17706461588 Fax:0574-62501189 Zip:315400 Add:NO.26 XINGYE YANGMING SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY ZONEYUYAO ZHEJIANG PROVINCE, CHINA Copyright ? 2015 Yuyao Jiangnan Printing Co., Ltd. 浙ICP備18025985號-1